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Apple’s MacBook Pro with Core i9 can’t even maintain the CPU’s base speed

APPLE’S NEW MACBOOK PROS are literally the hottest product of 2018, as a YouTuber reckons that models with Intel’s Core i9 processors suffer from performance throttling due to thermal problems.

YouTuber Dave 2D, who’s pretty au fait with taking a deeper look into laptops, found that the Core i9 MacBook Pro he was testing gets so hot and bothered it can’t even maintain the chip’s base clock speed after just a brief period of processor pushing.

Dave 2D’s testing shows that some serious CPU throttling kicks in when using Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editor for rendering work.

The YouTuber noted that this situation is “absurd” especially given the Core i9 chip in the massively expensive MacBook Pro is unlocked and overclockable, thereby all that potential power is wasted.

“If you have any kind of extended computational work that uses the CPU, and that’s probably why you’re looking at these devices in the first place, it’s going to throttle. And that’s unacceptable to me,” Dave 2D pointed out.

The problem doesn’t sit with the Core i9, rather it’s the MacBook Pro’s inability to properly cool the chip, even though the laptop is hardly the slimmest around and should have enough space to handle the heat. Dave 2D actually put his MacBook Pro in a freezer and noted that the performance comes back once the chip is properly cool.

CPU throttling in laptops is nothing new, with some machines reducing the performance of the chips to keep inside of the machine cool enough to prevent damage to the silicon or significantly degrade its lifespan. But the extent of throttling in the Core i9 MacBook Pro is pretty much beyond the pale, especially when such a MacBook model is being aimed at professionals who want the multi-core performance the Core i9 CPU delivers.

We’re yet to see any other reports about the Core i9 MacBook Pro’s throttling,  so there’s a chance Dave 2D’s MacBook Pro is simply a faulty unit, as we’d have expected Apple to have gone through some rigorous testing before it let it new MacBook Pros off the production line.

That being said, some MacBook Pros have suffered from keyboard problems which should probably have been spotted by Apple, so there’s a chance that Apple simply missed the throttling problem or noticed it too late and decided to push out the Core i9 MacBook Pro regardless.

Even if this is just a one-off problem with a single MacBook Pro, we suggest you proceed with caution if you have your eye on one of the most expensive MacBook Pro configurations around. µ

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