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Apple’s ‘Sidecar’ will turn your iPad into an external Mac display

Apple's 'Sidecar' feature will turn your iPad into an external Mac display

Sidecar might debut in Apple’s macOS 10.15

APPLE IS REPORTEDLY working on a new macOS feature dubbed ‘Sidecar’ that will offer native support to use an iPad as an external display.

Citing sources familiar with Apple’s macOS 10.15 plans, 9to5Mac reports that Apple is working on an external display functionality similar to Astro HQ’s Luna Display, which allows Mac users to use their iPad as an external display. 

While there are third-party solutions available, Apple is said to be working “on making that seamless experience native to the Mac”. The feature, named ‘Sidecar’ internally, will debut in the next major version of macOS and will allow users to send any window of any app to an external display – be it an actual external display connected to the Mac or an iPad.

“This new menu will be opened by hovering over the green ‘maximize’ button in a Mac app window for a split second,” 9to5Mac reports.

“The menu will have options for making the window fullscreen, tiling and moving to external displays, including the user’s iPads and external displays connected to the Mac. Selecting one of the display options moves the current window to the selected external display or iPad, in fullscreen.”

Sidecar will also offer support for Apple Pencil, according to the report’s sources, enabling iPad users to doodle on their tablet’s screen when it’s being used as an external display – effectively turning the iPad into a Wacom-like tablet. 

Apple is also reportedly working on other options to make it easier for users to snap windows to one side of the display. 

Recent reports suggest that Apple’s macOS 10.15, set to be shown off at WWDC on 3 June, could also mark the beginning of the end for the firm’s much-maligned iTunes app. The firm is reportedly planning to split the service into separate Music, Podcasts, and TV apps for Mac, which will launch alongside a major redesign of Apple’s long-standing Books app. µ

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