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Asus’ GPU overclocking tool serves up Nvidia RTX adverts in games

LIKE OVERCLOCKING BUT LOATHE ADS? Then it’s probably best you avoid Asus’ GPU Tweak II software, which slaps adverts for the company’s graphics cards into games when using the tool’s overlay.

First spotted by Guru3D and also discussed on Reddit, an advert for Asus’ latest Nvidia RTX GeForce graphics cards pops up in the centre right-hand side of any game that has the GPU Tweak II software running in the background for providing readouts of things like frame rates.

The advert can be removed by hitting CTRL, ALT and F. But it seems a bit bizarre that there would be an advert there in the first place as it’s hardly an example of slick and unobtrusive user interface design.

And people who are likely running the GPU Tweak II software are probably just as likely to be running an Asus graphics cards, so in effect, Asus is preaching to the choir.

But Guru3D reports that the advert doesn’t actually appear by default and is just a placeholder image for another feature of the overclocking tool. And using the GPU Tweak II OSD tool, the advert area can be configured to display other images, such as clan tags if you’re a particularity competitive and community-driven PC gamer.

Still, it’s all a bit odd if you ask us and seemingly out of character for Asus. Sure, the company makes its ROG gaming line of kit, laptops an desktops, which are about as subtle as being a sledgehammer to your soft bits, but Asus has been pretty decent at not popping bloatware or overly obnoxious and intrusive features into its hardware or software. 

It’s worth noting that such an advert pop up isn’t exactly game breaking and when most people are running overclocking tools, they’re not focusing on proper gaming; many would turn off the tool when it comes to properly immerse themselves in a virtual world.

But we dearly hope this is just a mistake on Asus’ side and not a resurgence in in-software adverts, as otherwise we’re going to go back to pen and paper – look out for the INQUIRER Chronicle at all good and bad newsagents. µ

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