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Asus is bringing its ridiculous RoG gaming smartphone to Blighty

PC MAKER Asus has announced that it’s bringing its somewhat ridiculous RoG gaming smartphone to the UK. 

While the firm’s Republic of Games sub-brand is more commonly associated with powerful laptops, graphics cards, displays and motherboards, it’s now taking a stab at the smartphone market with the imaginatively-named RoG Phone.

The device, first shown off earlier this year, boasts a 6in 2160×1080 AMOLED display that supports high dynamic range and a 90Hz refresh rate for smooth and vibrant mobile gaming, and under the hood you’ll find a Snapdragon 845 chip paired with Adreno 630 graphics, 8GB RAM and 128GB baked-in storage. 

While this Qualcomm chip the same processor you’ll find in the majority of flagship gadgets, the octa-core chipset clocks up to 2.96GHz; slightly nippier than the SoC’s stock max clockspeed.

That performance boost is likely achieved through Asus’ vapour-chamber cooling system called GameCool, augmented by a detachable AeroActive cooler, which keeps the chipset cool when pushed to its limits during 90Hz gaming.

And in order to ensure the RoG Phone stands out even further, Asus has equipped the handset with ultrasound triggered ‘AirTriggers’ that respond to force-feedback to provide programmable shoulder buttons on the side of the phone.

There are also side mounted ports that allow accessories to be plugged into the phone’s edges to further bolster its built-in controls. The most notable is the Gamevice controller, which adds a Nintendo Switch-esque split gamepad to the handset. 

Interestingly, the Gamevice controller uses 60GHz 802.11ad WiFi to pipe content from the phone to a WiGig dock that plugs into a TV or monitor to allow for big screen gaming, again reminiscent of the Switch.

There’s also a TwinView Dock accessory on offer that equips the RoG Phone with a secondary 1080p touchscreen and 6,000mAh battery.

Accessories aside, the RoG Phone also comes with squeezable sides, which when gripped switch the handset form its normal smartphone mode into a gaming mode whereby performance is optimised. Background apps and processes are shut down and RAM allocation dedicated for shifting around game data, as well as changing the blue user interface to red, the colour synonymous with the RoC brand and gaming devices in general.

Here in Blighty, the RoG Phone will retail for £799 when pre-orders kick-off on 16 November, although Asus is offering a “limited run” of handsets with £100 off. The handset will start shipping on 14 December. µ

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