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Asus’ new motherboard can hold 20 GPUs for crypto-mining

IF YOU’VE GOT cryptocurrency problems Asus feels bad for you son, so it has a 20 GPU motherboard to get mining done.

Yep, the PC hardware maker has decided to create a motherboard that can support a whole pile of graphics cards.

Just when you’ve read that GPU prices are stabilising after their prices shot up due to their parallel processing chops making them good for crunching calculations used to ‘mine’ the likes of Bitcoin and Monero, Asus pulled out its mad motherboard, the H370 Mining Master.

Most gaming or enthusiast mobos come with several PCI Express slots that only really practically support a maximum of four or six GPUs running Nvidia’s SLI or AMD’s Crossfire tech. The more GPUs added means more PCIe lanes, which after a point requires more processors and memory.

Asus’ H370 Mining Master bypasses this by using a USB riser to plug the GPUs directly into the motherboard’s printed circuit board.

With this approach, Asus is looking to reduce the potential for PCIe disconnects and makes maintaining a cryptocurrency mining operation easier.

Asus noted there’s a suite of diagnostic features to help with maintenance, such as the GPU State Detection graphical user interface designed to scan the system at boot and work out whether each riser port is working as it should be, while individual debug LED lights to help alert users to problems with specific system components.

The whole board has also been tweaked to be more effective at running GPU-based data crunching mining tasks by default, rather than requiring users to roll up their sleeves and get fiddling.

There’s no word on price or exact release date for the H370 Mining Master, but it’s slated to be available in the US around autumn time. We reckon it’ll fetch a pretty hefty price given Asus’ gaming motherboards can be several hundred quid. µ

Source : Inquirer

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