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Azure and Office 365 down as Microsoft suffers MFA borkage

BORK-PRONE Microsoft is suffering from multi-factor authentication (MFA) issues that have left many users in Europe unable to access Azure and Office 365 services.

In a post on its Azure service status website, Redmond admitted that the borkage, which began in the early hours of Monday morning, meant that users “in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions may experience difficulties signing into Azure resources, such as Azure Active Directory, when Multi-Factor Authentication is required by policy.”

While the issues are still ongoing at the time of writing, Microsoft goes on to explain that engineers have deployed a fix but warns that this might take “some time” to take effect across impacted areas.

“Engineers have deployed the hotfix which eliminated a connection between Azure Identity Multi-Factor Authentication Service and a backend service,” the firm adds.

“The deployment of this Hotfix took some time to take effect across the impacted regions. Engineers are continuing to monitor for a reduction in user authentication errors as a result of this hotfix. Engineers are exploring additional workstreams to fully mitigate this issue.”

News of the outage, which comes just hours after it was revealed that the Windows 10 October Update is breaking iCloud syncing, hasn’t gone down well with users of Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 services, naturally, who took to social media to vent their frustration at the firm. 

“Any update would be appreciated. Users are starting to search for their torches and pitchforks,” one miffed customer wrote to Redmond on Twitter. 

“#AzureMFA is so secure and wonderful I can’t get into my account at all. Total security has arrived. Any updates?” another barked.

We’ll update this article as we hear more. µ

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