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Barclays online banking down due to ‘technical issues’

BANKING GIANT Barclays is suffering a major outage that has downed the company’s online and telephone banking services.

The downtime, which began on Thursday morning, is being blamed on as-yet-unspecified “technical problems”, with Barclays saying in a statement that it’s “on it”. We presume this means it’s attempting to fix the issue, rather than decamping to the nearest Wetherspoons. 

“We’re currently experiencing some technical problems – customers are still able to use Barclays Mobile Banking app to check their balance, make and receive payments,” the company added.

The firm’s telephone banking service has also gone to Borksville. A notice on Barclays’ service status page reads: “We’re sorry, you won’t be able to speak to us right now – we’re working to fix a problem with this service. Our Barclaycard Telephone Banking team are working as they should be.”

While the firm claims its mobile app is working as normal, telling customers on Twitter that they “can still make payments and check your balance in our Mobile Banking app as normal”, INQ readers tell us that the app throwing up error messages when they attempt to access transactions. 

And to make matters worse, some Barclays customers are reporting the technical borkage has caused money to go missing from their accounts. 

One customer, Paul Girling, told the BBC: “A significant payment due into my account has gone missing. It has been confirmed as sent but not received.”

Another miffed customer took to Twitter to complain that the downtime had caused them to lose £4,600. 

We’ll update this article as we hear more. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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