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BBC axes Robot Wars, again

WE’RE ANGRY. Really f*cking angry.

The BBC has decided not to commission a new series of Robot Wars, Mentorn Media, the company behind the iconic robot-battling show, has confirmed to The INQUIRER. 

“We’re immensely proud of the three series we have produced for BBC Two, a Mentorn spokesperson said. “Robot Wars has an incredibly loyal and passionate fan base, and we’re already exploring a number of ideas to find a new home for this fantastic show.”

Twitter has started buzzing following news of the decision and the mood is sour. Really sour.

The viewing figures were good. The inspiration that it brought to those looking at STEM subjects has been immense. There was even a new range of toys in the pipeline, following on from the hugely popular Haynes book last Christmas.

Plus, who is going to tell the kids?

Our weekly reviews of Robot Wars (a first for any TV show in our 18-year history) were hugely popular too. It makes no sense. We believed in Robot Wars as just the sort of Education/Entertainment show that is at the heart of BBC values, and all the signs were good.

We’ve reached out to all the relevant people and will let you know when we hear back. We’re pretty sure the robot fighting community and the fans won’t let this go quietly. We’ll post details of the inevitable campaign when we have them.

We’re off to burn our TV licence on a fire pit and then smash some stuff.

Why can’t we have nice things? µ  

More follows….

Source : Inquirer

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