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BBC starts experimenting with speed reading news on smartwatches

Speed Reading looks a bit like this. But with more words

AUNTIE BEEB is experimenting again, this time with smartwatches.

BBC’s R&D department is experimenting with speed reading via smartwatches as a way of keeping up with information wherever you are.

You might remember a few years ago there was a glut of speed reading apps released; instead of moving your eyes, you’d stare at a fixed point and the words flash up one by one.

Now that idea has been translated into a way of using your watch to read the latest news without straining your wrist (not like that, perv).

“We are reading more and more on mobile phones, but the screen sizes and text sizes of mobiles are smaller than what we have traditionally been used to with books and magazines,” explains Cyrus Saihan, head of digital partnerships at the BBC.

“Technologies such as this, therefore, have the potential to make it much easier for us to read on mobile phones. This way of reading could also possibly be useful on devices such as smartwatches, which have even smaller screen sizes.”

There are demonstration videos using the technology sourced by speed-reading start-up Spritz, which shows just how fast you can go – from 300 words per minute all the way up to 800 words per minute, albeit with a bit of practice.

It does take some adjustment as your eyes have to “unlearn” how to read, but once you master it, the technique really works and you will find yourself able to read much faster than you’re used to.

Whether mass adoption is likely is another matter. E-book sales are already dropping, and that was just a change of media. This is asking us to unlearn over a thousand years of evolution, so it might not be for everyone.

That said, the information overload that we have to deal with in the modern era needs for us to adapt to keep up.

We actually like it, but we’re over-evolved anyway.

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