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Belgian socialist candidate Luc Anus can’t be himself on Facebook

WHILE FACEBOOK IS more used to being accused of censorship from the right, a Belgian socialist candidate has found himself so unwelcome on the platform, he’s had to change his name. There’s something about the name Luc Anus that Facebook has serious reservations about.

Anus, 26, is standing in Belgium’s Wallonia region for a seat on the council in Lobbes. But to be accepted by Facebook’s prudish moderators, he’s had to change his name to “Luc Anu.” He has, in effect, sacrificed 25 per cent of his Anus for a quiet life.

“Facebook just does not accept my name,” Anus said, adding that he can deal with being the subject of titters about his surname. Some have argued Anus should officially change his name for an easy life, but others maintain he should continue to wear his family name with pride.

He’s not alone: according to the Belgian civil registry there are 49 Anuses currently residing in the country – and all of them live in Wallonia.

If elected, Anus won’t be the first politician who gets regular sniggers for their title. I’m sure both New York representative Anthony Weiner and Liberal Democrat peer Lady Garden feel his pain. And the less said about Colorado state senator Randy Baumgardner the better.  

Still, if nothing else, this little incident should really stress test the old maxim that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Images of his campaign poster have gone viral in Belgium, with one wag commenting “That’s a beautiful name for a party that fucks you from behind.”

Hopefully, there’s an upside to all this. If the ballot paper lists candidates by surname alphabetically, then he’s laughing, with a higher position apparently offering a boost of up to 10 per cent. He just has to hope that nobody called Aardvark is standing for the New Flemish Alliance. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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