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Black Friday: INQ’s guide to the best deals, bargains and free stuff

WE’VE PROPERLY gone for it this year in an attempt to try and bring you the widest range of Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers that we can.

We know you prefer it when we stick to putting things on one page, but you wouldn’t thank us for it this time, so instead, there’s some handy links at the bottom of this page to take you straight to the stuff you want.

But first, here’s some advice on how to make the most of Black Friday, INQ style:

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. In other words, the shops are full of crap and you already can’t move for Christmas songs.

And for some idiotic reason (hint: money) we seem to have acquired a quintessentially American holiday. Not Thanksgiving. Oh no. The bad bit. Black Friday.

If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, there’s lots of bargains to be had, but let’s be clear about this – Black Friday is not always the cheapest time to buy stuff. We’ve heard loads of reports already of stuff that is on sale, but the discount is less than it was the last time it was on sale in the summer.

Point is, don’t assume you’re guaranteed a bargain. You’re not. Look at what you are going to buy, and try and find out its price history. Often its hidden in the small print at the bottom of the listing. Ignore “50 per cent off” – it’s meaningless. Some stuff that is heavily reduced, was already heavily reduced off the RRP as standard (this often the case with Amazon) so the real saving is tiny.

Good tools to use include Camel Camel Camel for Amazon price tracking, and the Hot UK deals community are legendary for finding the real bargains, including some that we don’t get told about up front. In fact, many of these deals came from UKHD so big thanks to them.

Check the deal sites – Groupon, Wowcher and GoGroopie are all doing Black Friday deals, but go in with your eyes open, they’re not always the cheapest and sometimes the tech bargains are on out-of-date models – sure that Mac is refurbished, but can it run Mac OS 10.13? Probably not.

Use cashback and loyalty points like a boss. TopCashBack and QuidCo can add a tasty few quid off a big purchase. Combine it by going through an affiliate merchant like Nectar or Avios to earn points. And then there’s Zeek that allows you to buy cheap gift cards for a site you’ve got your eye on. And do look for promo/voucher codes for entire purchases. Argos quite often have 20-25 per cent off of everything of a particular type on top of the sale price, if you find the code.

Oh – and one more thing, check the specs. Just because there’s a bargain on a cinema projector, doesn’t mean it’s any good. Buyer beware.

(And in that vein – all prices are based on the information provided to Incisive Media in the run-up to Black Friday and is correct at time of going to press. Offers are not made by, or endorsed by Incisive Media and stocks may well be limited by availability or time restriction. So back off and let’s have fun with it.)

OK – so let’s go shopping. You can navigate the categories easily – this list appears at the bottom of every page. The line in bold is your “you are here”. Clever, huh? µ

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