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Black Friday: The Google Updates guide to free apps and sale prices

SO AS promised this week, we’re going to look at the best Google Black Friday bargains.

The biggest is, of course, the Google Play Mini at £34 a squirt. If you’ve not got one yet, go now.

But let’s look at software and other Play Store deals. These apply to the UK. The US has different (and probably even better) ones.

The core offers: 50 per cent off any movie to own, which could make some recent films that are already reduced to £7 (like Trainspotting T2) suddenly very cheap indeed. There’s also 25 per cent off any one TV season.

There’s a whole bunch of books for 99p, plus a £3 credit on any book over £3.

Three months of Google Play Music Unlimited is free (new customers only) but if you prefer to buy your tunes, prepare for sweet diddly squat as Google don’t reduce MP3s much these days, though there is an “under a fiver” section.

If we’re picking some reduced games, then can we be so bold as to recommend the ever wonderful Monument Valley (£2.99) if you’ve never played it. That’s a 3D platform puzzler epic in its scale and beauty. It’s now 99p.

Then there’s Mini Metro (£4.29), the stark opposite in many ways, using the bold familiar lines of the tube map, you have to build your own tube network and keep up with demand against the clock. It’s a steal at 59p.

Thomas Was Alone (£3.99) is a really quirky blocky 2D puzzler about a robot with amnesia, narrated by Danny Wallace, and winner of several gaming BAFTAs. It’s just 99p 

Bargain apps include Korg Kaossilator (£15.49), a fully fledged Korg synth for Android. It’s 50 per cent off and that doesn’t happen too often with apps of this calibre. Just stroke the screen (fnar). It’s still not cheap at £7.49 but it’s the real deal.

Staying on the musical theme, Virtual ANS (£5.49) is a rendering for a Russian speech synthesiser from the 30s and 40s that has been turned into something that would be hard pushed to be described as an instrument, but can definitely make some atmospheric sounds. One of Delia Derbyshire fans and with a chunk off at £2.69.

But if you really don’t do music, what about photos? Photo Lab Pro (£2.79) has over 640 different frames, effects, filters and montages (it says here) and is reduced to £1.39.

And your regular three for free:

Perfect Moon (£0.60) is another platformer. This time in monochrome sketchbook style, like a dream-state low budget animation. It’s quite beautiful and very playable.

Geek Bench Pro 4 (£9.99) is a full benchmarking tool for Android. Use it to test your phone to the limit and then look smug when you have the best rated phone there is. Unless you have a Galaxy Note 7. The resources it uses may make it explode.

Obviously that’s the very tip of the tippy-tippiest iceberg, so if there’s one thing we’d recommend once again this year, as the third freebie – AppSales (always free with optional subscription of £2.47 a year) which can trigger alerts to free apps and get you to them much faster than we can – but even they are struggling to cope (they tell us) with the sheer volume of offers so we suggest you dive in and enjoy.

Plus don’t forget there’s also deals on in-app purchases such as service subscriptions that are going for a snip. If you like to Meditate through drawing – there’s offers to be had on the brilliant Colorfy

Normal service resumes next week. Happy shopping. µ

Source : Inquirer

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