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Boffins come up with deepfake technique to track a target’s ‘style’

DEEPFAKES HAVE ENABLED porn fans to see the faces of actors splurged all over their favourite pornstars, but now a new faking method has popped up to transfer the “style” of one person to another.

The problem with the original deepfakes technique, which uses deep learning to figure out how to track someone movements to realistically superimpose a likeness of one person onto another, is it struggled to make the subject of such video fakery appear to say something they didn’t.

Such an issue was clearly a bee in the bonnet of some boffins at Carnegie Mellon University, who decided to use artificial intelligence tech to transfer the facial expressions of one person in a video to another, One example was to transfer Martin Luther King JR’s facial expressions to ex-US President Barack Obama (below).

The researchers noted that the technique can mess with “John Oliver’s dimple while smiling, the shape of mouth characteristic of Donald Trump, and the facial mouth lines and smile of Stephen Colbert”; what a time to be alive.

The results are realistic but not exactly high-fidelity, with interview clips looking a bit rough around the edges. But hey, it’s progress, albeit weird and disturbing progress, especially with Donald Trump being made to look like he’s talking like Obama.

The deepfakes method can also be applied to the less exciting superimposing of one flower’s approach to blooming to another; unless you get frothy at the idea of messed up botany, we reckon you won’t find that aspect of deepfakes 2.0 arousing your interest.

The new deepfakes technique is a demonstration of the ability for AI systems to figure out and learn things from crunching video and image data.

But it also hints at a future where video manipulation can be pretty advanced and such techniques could be used to make it appear that politicians and other influential figures are saying things they are not, which, in a world already rife with fake news, isn’t exactly what society needs.

Then again it’s more likely such a technique will be used to make it look like the latest hot actor is very good as the oral manipulation of cucumber sized appendages. µ

Source : Inquirer

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