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Boffins just made it tougher to trick iris scanners with, er, dead eyeballs

BOFFINS have come up with a way to prevent crooks from scooping out eyeballs and using them to trick iris scanners.

OK, that might be an extreme example, and if you’re having your eyeball forcibly removed by crims you’ve got bigger problems than someone getting into your iPhone X and slobbering over your racy Saturday night snaps.

But with a bit of effort and some 3D printing, iris scanning biometric tech can be overcome by industrious thieving types.

A project led by Mateusz Trokielewicz at Warsaw University of Technology, with some help from his colleagues, according to MIT Review, has created a machine learning algorithm to spot dead eyeballs from living ones.

Trained up using a rather gruesome-sounding database of eyeball photos from dead bodies, as well as snaps from living peepers, the algorithm can spot a dead eyeball form a living one with 99 per cent accuracy.

If such an algorithm was integrated into iris scanning tech, it would make hacking such biometric systems a heck of a lot more difficult

But there is a caveat; the algorithm can only spot dead eyes if the eyeball has been dead for 16 hours. That gives gruesome hackers a window of opportunity to make use of freshly plucked eyeballs – who carries around old dead eyes anyway? Not us… we mean, we wouldn’t.

Before you go into a panic, eyeballs generally lose their hacking potential within a few hours of being removed, and we’d reckon that a hacker that’s gone so far as removing an eyeball might simply murder a victim and steal their stuff at leisure

Nevertheless, if you’re eyeball is the key to say nuclear codes, Fort Knox, or the location of the Holy Grail, then it’s best to be cautious to who you let give you an eye test. µ

Source : Inquirer

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