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Botched software update breaks Dutch police ankle monitors

Botched software update breaks Dutch police ankle monitors

‘Keep an eye on their ankles, everyone;

WHILE LAST YEAR’S Windows 10 update that ate through users files was pretty bad PR, Microsoft can at least definitely say, hand on heart, that no convicts were accidentally released as a result.

That might seem like a low bar to clear, but it should probably be our new measure of how bad a software update is after Dutch police had to pick up the pieces of their own botched rollout.

The police ankle bands – used to track offenders on bail and under house arrests – received a software update that prevented them from communicating with department of justice control rooms. Y’know, the one thing they’re supposed to do.

Ankle tags without the ability to track are just unfortunate fashion statements, so the good news is that the police managed to fix the issue the same day. But not before they had to preemptively arrest some of the most high-risk wearers, just to be safe. Lower risk convicts were given a call, asking them to check in with local police as a very low-tech software fix.

“The system is now operational again,” Dutch officials said. “All ankle strap wearers are in view. We are working hard to make the system 100 per cent stable again.”

The worst thing is this isn’t even the first time this has happened in the last 12 months. Back in August, a mobile telecom outage took out the system for a day, leaving 450 suspects without tracking.

While the system is under control now, if you were a Dutch criminal wanting to break free of your ankle tag, you’d probably fancy your chances. Two days out of 365 is still not great odds for the system being down, but it’s certainly higher than most people would be comfortable with. µ

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