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Brighton & Hove revokes Uber’s licence due to data breach concerns

CRAPSICAB COMPANY Uber has had its licence revoked in the city of Brighton due to concerns about last year’s data breach.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Brighton & Hove City Council said its licensing panel has “unanimously” decided against renewing Uber’s operator licence in the city.

As well as worries about Uber’s “lack of commitment to use only Brighton & Hove licensed drivers in the city, the panel said it was “significantly” concerned about the data breach that struck the company last year which exposed the data of 57 million drivers and users of the ride-hailing service.

The breach was deliberately hidden under the leadership of now-ousted CEO Travis Kalanick, who reportedly paid the hackers $100,000 to delete the data they collected. 

Chair of the Brighton & Hove’s licensing panel, Councillor Jackie O’Quinn, said: “When making Hackney Carriage and Private Hire operator licensing decisions, our priority is the safety of residents and visitors and, due to the data breach and the lack of commitment to using drivers licensed here, we were not satisfied that UBL are a fit and proper person to hold an operator’s licence in the city.

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“All Brighton & Hove private hire and Hackney Carriage drivers in the city operate under the same licences and guidelines contained in the Blue Book and undergo the same background checks, whichever company they drive for. In the original application in 2015, UBL gave a firm commitment to adhere to the standards set out in the Blue Book and only to use Brighton & Hove licensed drivers.

“We do not feel the spirit of this commitment has been kept to. In the panel’s view, large numbers of taxis operating in the city that do not meet our Blue Book standards puts the safety of residents and visitors at potential risk.

If Uber decides to appeal against the decision, which the firm likely will give it took similar action in London, its drivers licensed with Brighton & Hove can continue to operate in the city while the appeal is heard. 

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Source : Inquirer

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