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Bristol Airport departure boards borked by ransomware attack

Gates? Where we’re going, we don’t need… gates

BRISTOL AIRPORT has found itself falling victim to a cyber attack which crippled its display screens for a large chunk of the weekend.

The screens were pulled offline in the early hours of Friday after a ransomware attack crippled arrival and departure boards.

That said, airport executives have confirmed that no ransom has been paid.

Speaking to the BBC, James Gore, a spokesperson for the airport explained: “We believe there was an online attempt to target part of our administrative systems and that required us to take a number of applications offline as a precautionary measure, including the one that provides our data for flight information screens.

“That was done to contain the problem and avoid any further impact on more critical systems.

“The indications are that this was a speculative attempt rather than a targeted attack on Bristol Airport.”

The system is now working in “key areas” including departure and arrival halls, with the rest of the system being fixed in the coming days. No flights were disrupted, though it is unlikely they were able to do anything about the annoying fanfare when Ryanair planes land.

Although there have been some grumbles at the slow fix, the airport has decided to err on the side of caution.

“Given the number of safety and security critical systems operating at an airport, we wanted to make sure that the issue with the flight information application that experienced the problem was absolutely resolved before it was put back online.”

It is the second time in recent weeks that an IT failure has highlighted our reliance on video displays in airports. Less than a month ago, Gatwick airport was forced to use whiteboards for flight information after an issue with fibre cables led to a breakdown.

It is understood that whiteboards were on standby for deployment in the Bristol incident but were ultimately not required.

In Washington DC, similar issues occurred after a public video screen at the rail station started showing porn. μ

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