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Brit hacker jailed for attacks on Google, Skype and, er, Pokémon

A 21-YEAR-OLD HACKER from the UK who carried out DDoS attacks on Google, Microsoft’s Skype and, er, Pokémon has been served with jailtime.

West Midlands Police said Alex Bessell, an ex-Deliveroo driver from Liverpool, used 9,083 ‘zombie’ computers to launch more than 100 attacks the high-profile tech firms.

Bessell has also been found guilty of running his own dark web market, called Aiobuy, where he sold remote administration tools, Botnet tools, booter access and other malware. 

He also sold a ‘crypter’ software package – which he’d designed -that makes bug invisible to anti-virus software.

More than 35,000 purchases from 26,000 registered customers had been made through Aiobuy, West Midlands Police say, making Bessell £500,000 in the process. 

Bessell was jailed for two years at Birmingham Crown Court for 10 offences, including unauthorised access to computers, impairing the operation of computers, supplying malware and money laundering. 

Investigating officer DC Mark Bird – from the dedicated West Midlands Regional Cybercrime Unit – said: “This is one of the most significant cybercrime prosecutions we’ve seen: he was offering an online service for anyone wanting to carry out a web attack.

“It meant anyone who had a grudge against an individual or company, or who simply wanted to conduct a cyber-attack, didn’t need the technical know-how themselves. They simply needed to pick a piece of malware, pay the fee, and Bessell would do the rest.

“In the past we have seen hackers escape with suspended prison sentences or even community orders but courts are increasingly switching onto the damage cyber crooks can wreak. They can destroy businesses and cause huge financial distress for people and families.

“Anyone who is using their technical expertise for sinister motives needs to sit up and take notice of this sentence – because they face a very real risk of being jailed.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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