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Brussels puts 5G testing on hold in case it’s frying our collective noggins

Brussels puts 5G testing on hold in case it's frying our collective noggins

Brussels citizens bask in a healthy green radioactive glow

THE CITY of Brussels has halted work on preparing for 5G networks amid fears that the amount of radiation being produced has left citizens as “guinea pigs”.

The Belgian Institue of Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) recommended upping the limits for the testing for maximum effect. They currently stand at 9v/metre indoors and 14.5/m outdoors, after ministers approved the recommendations.

But now, Minister for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy in the Government of the Brussels Capital Region, Céline Fremault, has ordered testing to stop because the MIMO antennas aren’t able to report how much radiation they are creating and therefore whether those limits we mentioned are being adhered to.

Fermault has acknowledged that this is quite a big deal in terms of what citizens will lose but insists that until the radiation levels can be measured correctly, she doesn’t want to risk having an entire population of Belgian Incredible Hulks.

Orange SA had begun testing extensively in Belgium and was due to roll out commercial services next year, but on top of the suspicions about radiation and their possible link to everything from brain tumours to birds dropping out of the sky, the Belgian government hasn’t actually had its 5G spectrum rollout yet.

The auction, which is estimated to be worth 680 million Euros to the Belgian treasury, has been halted until 2020 to give stakeholders longer to work out how the proceeds should be carved up, a matter of ongoing debate.

By that time, Belgium will be significantly behind in the 5G race, with many countries expecting a rollout in a matter of months.

It will, however, give more time to suss out exactly how using Huawei equipment in that rollout will (or won’t) affect the security of the nation, and indeed all of Europe, given that Brussels is the home of the European Union. μ

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