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BT and EE show their post-merger road map with hybrid connections for all

BT AND EE have announced the first fruits of their merged operations, with a joint roadmap involving its three main brands – BT, EE and Plusnet.

The key message is that the company will converge their network by 2022, which will mean (it says) that “customers will never again have to think or worry about which network they are connected to”. We’re not sure anybody did, but hey.

Included is a ‘hybrid’ service which will leverage both the BT network and EE 4G cellular offering which aims to make calls and data faster and more reliable.

The result is a service called BT Plus or EE Keep Connected which will be used to ensure that you won’t be waiting for ages for a fault fix or new line.

It will also guarantee your line speeds – with 100Mbps minimum speed on the Ultrafast Fibre Plus service, which will also include a 4G hub as back-up. Maxed out speeds could be as high as 314Mbps.

By 2020, all customer service calls will be answered in the UK and Ireland, whilst BT Stores will return to High Streets, presumably leveraging floor space from the extensive EE Store network.

‘Time on 4G’ as a measurement of service level will be increased to 99 per cent for all customers by 2020 and a seamless link to the BT public WiFi network, consisting of 12,00 public hotspots.

The new converged BT Plus and top-tier EE plans will be designed to offer very similar perks without treading on each other’s ‘patch’. Little details like EE’s offer of gifting up to 20GB of your 4G allowance to other family members is a nice touch.

‘Flex’ allows users to change their allowances, and even take a month off if they’re abroad. Or skint.

For Smart Home lovers, EE will offer compatibility with all the major Smart Home infrastructures including Hive, Google, Homekit and Alexa. Details will be announced on 1st June.

Smart Home and telecoms will both be available with delivery provided by a personal setup expert who will install on the spot.

If you prefer the less personal, personal touch, there’s also AR customer service including remtoe support and virtual support, which will allow users to troubleshoot with an expert who isn’t flying blind.

Plusnet seems to be left to plough its own furrow for the most part, but it has been confirmed that mobile users will get an app for account management, which has been bewilderingly missing thus far, partly as the brand prides itself on doing everything with real people (by-‘eck).

BT TV and EE TV seem to be heading for a merger. From 2019, customers will be able to access Amazon Video as well as Netflix and Now TV, giving a huge offering. Sky has recently confirmed it will integrate Netflix, but there’s no word on Amazon. EE customers will be able to access the BT Sport app and all its features.

Something for Kevin Bacon to humiliate himself with there. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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