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BT’s new logo is a thing of incredible beauty

BT's new logo is a thing of incredible beauty

All the charm of a motorway stop sign

IT’S TAKEN A whole team of designers, marketeers, branding consultants and focus groups years to come up with it, but finally BT is ready to show off its brand-new logo. The letters “B” and “T” in a circle, in something that manages to jump off the page with all the charm of a DVD age rating placeholder.

In fact, in something of an ironic twist, it almost looks like the fine people at BT have been heavily influenced by the Creative Commons logo.

At least it’s an improvement on the 90s version: a multicoloured man prancing around while trying to down a yard of ale. We think.

Incredibly, this logo has taken some four years to create, as The Financial Times reports consultation begun back in 2016. Presumably the B game in 2016, the T in 2017 and the circle tied it all together in 2018. Then they took a well-earned break in 2019.

“We’ve shared our new logo with our colleagues today and will consult them on the detail as we gradually roll it out towards the end of the summer,” a BT spokesperson said, though we’re not clear on what detail there is to talk about.

“Our CEO has been very clear that the new mark symbolises real change. Making every BT employee a shareholder in the company is the first step towards transforming BT into a national champion that exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

If this is an example of a company exceeding customer expectations, then you have to wonder exactly how long their expectations were before. Maybe most people were expecting the letters “B” and “T” cut out from newspaper like an anonymous ransom note?

Or maybe the thinking is that if you buy from a company with a clipart logo, then any improvement on the bare minimum of customer service is a pleasant surprise. It’s a bold strategy, certainly. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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