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Canonical brings Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Microsoft’s Windows Store

CANONICAL AND MICROSOFT have confirmed the arrival of the recently announced Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in the Windows Store.

As the love-in between Windows and Linux accelerates, this is the second version of Linux to arrive in the store. It offers access to a command line for the operating system which can then interact with many aspects of Windows, all from a single boot.

Several versions of Linux are now available in Windows, but it’s not just a case of download and run – the Linux Subsystem for Windows has to be switched on, which you do by messing about in Windows settings – it’s in the “Turn Windows Features on and off” menu.

As you may recall, this version, also known as ‘Bionic Beaver’ is going to be supported by Canonical for three years, so if you’re not a regular Linux user, and need it to ‘just work’ when you want it, you’d be wise setting this version up.

It gives Windows users access to bash, ssh and so on alongside Powershell and the Command Line in a Windows GUI with some added Linux loveliness. 

The previous version, which is less than three years old, will remain in the store. It’s currently just called “Ubuntu” whereas the new version is labelled “Ubuntu 18.04” though there are plans to make this clearer.

It looks like LTS versions will be at the heart of the Ubuntu offerings in Windows, so, therefore, there’ll probably be two at any one time, to match up with the LTS guarantee offered by Canonical.

This is just the beginning. There’s evidence in early builds of Redstone 5 that the next version of Windows 10, due in the autumn, will actually let you trigger a Linux command line from within Windows File Explorer.

Then sh*t’s gonna get really interesting. µ 

Source : Inquirer

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