Hackers Offering Money to Company Insiders in Return for Confidential Data

The insider threat is the worst nightmare for a company, as the employees can access company’s most sensitive data without having to circumvent security measures designed to keep out external threats.

The rogue employee can collect, leak, or sell all your secrets, including professional, confidential, and upcoming project details, to your rival companies and much more that could result in significant loss to your company.

And this is exactly what is happening on Dark Web Marketplace — a place where one can sell and purchase everything from illicit drugs to exploits, malware, and stolen data.

According to a new report from the US-based risk security firm RedOwl and Israeli threat intelligence firm IntSights, staff at corporations are selling company’s internal secrets for cash to hackers on one of the most famous dark web markets Kick Ass Marketplace (Onion URL).


Besides selling their company’s secret information, researchers also found evidence of rogue staff, in some cases, even working with hackers to infect their company networks with malware.

Kick Ass Marketplace offers a subscription of up to one bitcoin (currently around $950) a month to its clients for giving them access to a variety of “vetted and accurate” insider information that is posted onto the website.

Every post is assigned a “confidence rating,” along with advice on whether to buy and sell stock in the associated company, allowing its clients to cash in on the insider secrets they collected.

In May last year, an administrator of the Kick Ass Marketplace site going by the pseudonym “h3x” was interviewed by DeepDotWeb, claiming that his site had 15 investment firm members, 25 subscribers, 3 hackers and 2 trading analysts who observe financial markets and verify the integrity of stolen data before posting it to the website.

According to the new report “Monetizing the Insider: The Growing Symbiosis of Insiders and the Dark Web” [PDF] published Wednesday, Kick Ass Marketplace posts about five high confidence insider trading reports every week and makes some US $35,800 a week.

Researchers at RedOwl and IntSights also analyzed another dark web marketplace called “The Stock Insiders” (Onion URL) that only focuses on insider trading opportunities, like recruiting cashiers or other low-end retail staff to cash out stolen credit cards for resellable goods like Apple iPhones.

“In one instance, a hacker solicited bank insiders to plant malware directly onto the bank’s network,” says the researchers Ido Wulkan (IntSights), Tim Condello (RedOwl), David Pogemiller (RedOwl).

“This approach significantly reduces the cost of action as the hacker doesn’t have to conduct phishing exercises and can raise success rates by bypassing many of the organization’s technical defenses (e.g. anti-virus or sandboxing).”

The trio even discovered that one hacker was ready to pay the insider “7 figures on a weekly basis” for helping him gaining access to a bank’s computer.

The activity of company’s insider threats on dark websites has doubled in the last year, which poses a real threat to both consumers and investors, causing greater financial losses than attacks that originate outside the company.

RedOwl and IntSights suggest that corporations should take the insider threat more seriously by making use of IT security systems to carefully monitor their employees without violating their privacy.

Home of free code snippets for Bootstrap – Bootsnipp.com hacked ( Update : Working Now)

An Indonesian hacking collective named Indonesian Intelligent Security has defaced multiple websites in past few days. One of them was the famous free code snippets website http://bootsnipp.com. The group posted after hacked http://bootsnipp.com,

“Hello ! We Are The Next Generation. We Are The Againist Security. We Are The Intelegent For Security. We Are Back To Punish You Again. This Just A Speial Fuck For Your Security And Your Self.
#Islam not Terrorism #Free_Palestine #Indonesian Was Here !

We Are: AnoaGhost – ./51N1CH1 – Mr.DreamX196 – Mr.XSecr3t – Mr.Guy – Unknown~X – YaroiDariko – Mr.Syntax_Error”.

Link of targeted website along with its mirror as a proof of hack is available below:


Indian hackers ‘pay back’ Pakistan for 26/11

A Pakistani government website hacked by Indian hacker.

Team Indian Black Hats hacked around ten Pakistani websites, including a high profile Pakistan government website.

A group of Indian hackers, calling themselves the Indian Black Hats have launched a symbolic cyber attack against Pakistan for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, by hacking into two government sites and around 10 non-government domains on Thursday, the fourth anniversary of the terror attacks.

According to one of the hackers, the attack which began in the wee hours of Thursday was led by ‘team Indian Black Hats’, a group of like-minded hackers from across the country. The same team was in cyber space from 2011 to 2013 under the name Indian Cyber Devils, and after a brief lull with members continuing to be active with various other hackers’ groups, had revived itself from January 2015.

The websites that the Indian Black Hats hacked till evening on Thursday were www.csd.gov.pk and www.mona.gov.pk, while a variety of non-government domains, including www.metroshoes.com.pk, as well were hacked by the Black Hats. The “attack” was launched as a tribute to the martyrs of 26/11, they said, adding that the “payback” was still on.

Incidentally, a similar group, Mallu Cyber Soldiers, had earlier hacked several Pakistani government websites in retaliation to an attack by Pakistani hackers on the Kerala government’s website in September apart from mounting a cyber war of sorts against websites that allegedly were part of online prostitution rackets.

Anonymous Just Declared War on ISIS with a Massive Hack

Organising under #opISIS and #opParis, the group is attempting to take down the websites and social media accounts of people associated with the group — as well as apparently release personal details of those involved in recruitment


Anonymous has begun leaking the personal information of suspected extremists, after it “declared war” on Isis in the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris.

The activist collective is assembling lists of the Twitter accounts and websites of extremists, in an attempt to have them taken down. At least one post seen by The Independent contains details including the physical address of a person it claims is an Isis recruiter in Europe.

Anonymous vs Isis: Twitter has become a battleground

Activists claim to have successfully had accounts and sites taken down already. Accounts associated with the group claimed that it was responsible for the removal of more than 5,500 accounts.

The group appears to have stepped up its tactics for what it called its “biggest operation” ever, in response to the attacks that left 129 dead. Previously it had largely focused on social media accounts.

Anonymous began its campaign against Isis in earnest after the killings at Charlie Hebdo in January. That work included launching attacks on extremist websites and finding extremist accounts on Twitter so that the social network could take them down.

It has continued that work this time around. Its attacks on websites seem to use a distributed denial of service, a technique that overloads a site’s servers until they go offline. The Twitter accounts are taken down by the network itself, in response to requests the activists make once they are found.