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CEbit 2019 shuffles off this mortal coil, because no one realty turns up anymore

AH CEBIT, OUR OLD FRIEND, RIP; the once giant business-to-business tech trade show has been shuttered, thanks to a lack of attendees attending and exhibitors exhibiting.

At least the 2019 Cebit conference has been cancelled, and the future of the trade show looks like it’s destined to be folded into the Hanover Messe. While organiser Deutsche Messe will be “developing additional CEbit topics into specialist events for decision-makers from vertical industries”, which we read to mean spin-off showcases that could be slotted into other relevant conferences aimed at particular industries.

The reason for the decline in attendees and exhibitors, according to Deutsche Messe, has been down to technological developments in within the “digital economy” reducing the demand for so-called “horizontal tradeshows such as Cebit”.

Again to us, that translates to CEbit being too broad to appeal to various people looking for tech showcases that directly appeal to the businesses they work within.

“In recent years, many discussions within the German industry have involved the thematic overlap between HANNOVER MESSE and CEbit. It is now time to integrate the topics from CEbit that are relevant for manufacturing, energy and logistics into HANNOVER MESSE,” said Dr Jochen Köckler, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG. “We are currently examining the digital market to determine which remaining CEbit topics we will develop into new events.”

So yeah, the event that at one time used to attract a million attendees looks like it’s being put out to pasture, at least in its current form.

Now we have mixed opinions about that, given CEbit was one heck of a hectic conference, but it’s still slightly sad to see a once mighty conference fade away into a shadow of itself.

Still, we have consumer behemoth tech shows like CES and MWC in 2019 to keep us busy and dropping tech news bombs directly into your peepers, dear readers. Nevertheless, farewell sweet Cebit, we hardly knew ye. µ

Source : Inquirer

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