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Chicken chompin’ Canadians can buy KFC bargain buckets with crypto

FRIED CHICKEN AND BITCOIN are not traditional culinary partners, but for a brief period, Canadians can buy a KFC bucket with $20 worth of the cryptocurrency.

While Bitcoin may be as stable as a jelly castle built in a vibrating love egg, human desire for fried chicken ticks along nicely; if our very own Carly Page doesn’t have at least one KFC order a week we get concerned that she feeling a little beaky peaky.

As such, the intrepid Canadian arm of KFC, clearly tech-savvy aboot cryptocurrencies, is now offering the Bitcoin Bucket.

For, what is at the time of writing, 0.0011 Bitcoins will nab hungry Canadians a bucket of 10 chicken tenders, a side, waffle fries, gravy, and two dips. Not bad for 20 Canadian dollars.

But while taking funds out of your cryptowallet to effectively fillet with cheap chicken might seem appealing, if the value of Bitcoin surges that small sum could be worth a lot more, turning your bargain bucket into more of an “ah f**k-it” situation.

Mind you, it might be hard to get your fingers on the bucket in their first place, let alone have the chance to lick them after, as KFC has noted that the Bitcoin Bucket is selling by…er..the bucketload.

For some reason, on the website no-one wants to order the Bitcoin Bucket for 7pm January 16; is that some new Canadian holy hour or do they know something is happening that we don’t….someone give a mountie a call.

But the real question is what the fried chicken-pushing company is going to do with all the Bitcoins it has got so far, particularly as the cryptocurrency in increasingly becoming legal tender all over the place.

Perhaps, Canada’s KFC collective will use the difficult-to-trace Bitcoins to hire a private military company to batter McDonald’s out of the nation. Who knows what KFC Canada could be up to really, it’s 2018 after all. µ

Source : Inquirer

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