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Chinese cybercriminals are sending malware to mediocre targets through the post

CHINESE CYBERKNOBS have been trying to spread malware in a most analogue way. By post.

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (that’s way too long, we’re going to call it ‘Barry’ for the rest of the article) said that the mailouts have a CD-ROM (it may be a DVD, don’t be a pedant) riddled with payloaded Word documents and a lorra-lorra gibberish in the covering notes.

They’re arriving directly from China to the US with a Chinese postmark. Way to draw attention to yourselves, guys. Or perhaps they just ordered a cheap watch off of Gearbest?

Either way, we speak from bitter experience that a Chinese postmark is a red rag to a security officer, and this could be a means

Thing is, even the victims are a bit ‘meh’ – archives, historical groups and one cultural department of the government aren’t the most glam targets giving rise to the question… WHY?

Barry says it could be the hackers believe that they’re gaining kudos and credibility with a tangible antagonist.

That said, Barry hasn’t said if anyone was stupid enough to insert the disc anyway. After all – would you?

It could be that this was an experimental run – designed just to see if it would work before carrying out an attack on the real targets.

However, if these guys are trying to position themselves as cutting-edge cyberhackers worthy of their own TV show, they may have blown it.

Not quite “badass burglar wakes victims up to get the WiFi password” blown it, but it’s still a bit like turning up to London Fashion Week with a Clutch-Bag For Life. μ

Here’s five more great ideas for hacking, if you’re a moron:

  • Carrier Pigeon with NFC on claws
  • Hidden in McDonald Happy Meal as the toy
  • Trojan is hidden in a giant wooden horse (with wifi hotspot)
  • Send 500 USB sticks. Promise one has millions in Bitcoin stored on it. Put malware on the other 499.
  • Bluetooth Sandwiches

Source : Inquirer

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