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Chinese headmaster sacked after using school’s power to mine crypto

THE HEADMASTER of a school in China has been sacked after stealing electricity from the school to mine cryptocurrency

Lei Hua, principal of the Puman Middle School in Chenzhou in the Hunan province had been stealing electricity to power his eight ethereum mining machines, South China Morning Post reports. 

He originally starting his around-the-clock mining operation at home in June last year. His 10,000 yuan (£1,005) machine consumed around 21 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, so in order to save money on his power bill, Lei soon relocated the machine to his school, because of course.

He subsequently installed another seven mining computers in the school’s computer room, racking up an electricity bill of 14,700 yuan (£1,600). 

Lei, somehow, managed to get away with his operation for 12 months, savvily blaming the sky-high bills on the school’s overuse of air conditioners and heaters, according to the report.

And because of his success in going unnoticed, SCMP reports, the school’s deputy headmaster – like some sort of batshit episode of Breaking Bad – also began mining ethereum using the school’s power supply after buying one machine with Lei’s help.

The operation was finally rumbled due to “the excess noise from the computer rooms at night and the ever-slowing internet speed”.

According to the report, Lei was fired in October while his deputy got off with a slap on the wrists. A local authority responsible for “discipline inspection” has seized the money that was made through the mining operation, but the amount was not specified. 

The report said the county government’s discipline watchdog has seized the cryptocurrency earnings of both teachers, but the amount was not specified.

This isn’t the first case of malicious mining operations in China. Last month, Cointelegraph reported that a man from China’s northern Shanxi province was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for stealing electricity from a train station to power his Bitcoin mining scheme. µ

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