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Chinese school uses facial recognition to check if pupils aren’t concentrating

A CHINESE SCHOOL is thought to be the first in the world to use surveillance and AI monitoring to keep its students in check.

The South China Morning Postbased amongst the slightly more liberal media of Hong Kong, reports that one child has said that he “daren’t let his mind wander” as a result of the installation, that uses cameras a to gauge enjoyment, interest and engagement in lessons.

“Using this system we can see which classmates are concentrating in class and whose mind is wandering,” said the school’s headteacher Ni Ziyuan.

The same database also checks attendance so it can spot anyone playing hooky.

The school is keen to point out that the system is as much about ensuring that the teachers are doing their best too, and footage could be used in staff training.

One pupil who seems almost pleased with the enforced concentration he has had to invoke said: “Beforehand in some classes that I didn’t like much, sometimes I would be lazy and do things like take naps on the desk or flick through other textbooks,” a student was quoted as saying.

“Since the school has introduced these cameras, it is like there are a pair of mystery eyes constantly watching me, and I don’t dare let my mind wander.”

He suggested that everyone’s concentration has improved.

The Chinese government is known for its surveillance and censorship techniques and is already working on a system of facial recognition that will identify anyone from their ID card photo within just three seconds.

Compare that to the UK where 98 per cent of Met Police facial recognition searches is said to have got it utterly wrong.

It’s thought the Chinese system has already caught a number of citizens, many of whom have committed petty crimes such as jaywalking.

The issue, therefore, is the morality of allowing the same system that is used to catch criminals to monitor children. Put in those terms, let’s face it – it’s creepy as all f…. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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