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Chrome devs are working on a ‘Never Slow’ mode to curb CPU, RAM hogging

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CHROME DEVELOPERS are working on a ‘never-slow’ mode for its market-leading Chrome web browser.

Despite having a 67 per cent market share, according to January’s Netmarketshare figures, Chrome is often criticised for being gluttonous with its use of your precious CPU and RAM.

Now it seems that engineers have got the message and are looking to limit resource hogging pages and embedded scripts.

First spotted by Chrome Story, Alex Russell from the development team posted details on the Chromium Gerrit, outlining how it will “enforce per-interaction budgets designed to keep the main thread clean” whilst also blocking “large scripts, sets budgets for certain resource types”

The resource “budget” is set after a certain period of inaction, and is reset if the user interacts with the page.

Full details are held on an unreleased design document, and we’re far too early for even the Canary channel users to be seeing it in the wild – it may never happen at all, though it’s very much hoped that it will.

Chrome has become very bloated over the years with new features and security fixes and adding a few poorly coded extensions is enough to make it fall over completely. Users have been crying out for Google to do something, but given its extraordinary market share in spite of its flaws, it doesn’t seem to have been a particularly high prority.

Third party extensions have tried to cap resources, with varying degrees of success, but quite often they bork pages, so an officially supported solution is long overdue.

With no official announcement of the feature, there’s also no timeline for when or even if it will reach the stable channel of Chrome, but with Microsoft planning to migrate its Edge browser to the Chromum platform (along with the likes of Opera and Vivaldi), the results will benefit its users too – all three of them. μ

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