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‘Dark Overlord’ hacking group has threatened to spill the beans on Hollywood

A HACKING GROUP that has already had a major dig at Netflix has come back and this time has a fat whack of data from a Hollywood production outfit Studio Line 204 up its cloaked sleeves.

The hacking group told IBTimes that it has plenty of data about the company’s clients and will release them if it does not come to favourable terms with its target. This is how it works. It hacks targets and then shakes them down for cash. If they don’t pay up they get cleaned out.

“As with all of our friends who don’t accept one of our handsome business proposals, we’ll handle them appropriately by publicly releasing all their client data, documents, intellectual property, and other sensitive documentation,” the group said via encrypted chat.

A shared document proves the claims and shows that the hackers have personal addresses of famous people, and enough material to cause mischief.

Studio Line 204 has confirmed the loss, explaining it has already accepted the help of the FBI as it looks to clean up its losses.

“This group has hit other studios in the past year and is trying to continue their destructive path with Line 204. We immediately took measures to minimise the damages and block further invasion to protect the information of our company and clients,” said its CEO in a statement to IBTimes.

“At this current time, we understand some data has been compromised. We are working closely with the FBI to establish what information has been stolen. We are continuing to take every step needed to ensure there will be no further security breaches.”

The hacker group explained that it is only in this for the money and that Hollywood is a great place to make some cash.

“Everyone’s a target of The Dark Overlord,” explained one vocal group member. “As of late, we’ve taken a keen interest in Hollywood as it is luscious treasure and abundant loot are quite available and juicy to us with some creativity.

“Hollywood has been a considerable endeavour of ours. We’ll continue to carefully execute new tactics, techniques, and procedures into the foreseeable future. It’s been stated that we’re pioneering a new frontier of cyber-based business.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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