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DDoS attacks in Europe ‘down 60 per cent’ following WebStresser takedown

DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF SERVICE (DDoS) attacks fell 60 per cent across Europe following last month’s takedown of WebStresser, according to German cybersecurity firm Link11.

The firm told Bleeping Computer that the number of DDoS attacks has fallen by 60 per cent a week since Europol’s takedown of WebStresser – a DDoS-for-hire service that allegedly launched more than four million attacks – on 25 April. 

As well as shutting down the website’s server infrastructure, authorities arrested the WebStresser’s administrators, located in the UK, Croatia, Canada, and Serbia.

Speaking to Bleeping Computer, a spokesperson for the Link11 said it has “registered lower attack activity, especially on April 25 and 26, presumably due to [the] elimination of the source”.

“The LSOC has seen a roughly 60 per cent decline in DDoS attacks on targets in Europe, […] down 64 per cent from the peak number recorded.”

But Onur Cengiz, who leads Link11’s security operation centre, warned that this effect may not last forever as it’s likely that new DDoS-for-hire service will emerge. 

According to Europol, who headed up the international operation to take down WebStresser, the site had over 136,000 registered users at the time it was shut down and had been responsible for more than four million DDoS attacks in recent years – including one aimed at seven of the UK’s biggest banks in November last year.

The site enabled individuals with little or no technical knowledge to launch crippling cyber-attacks across the world for just $14.99. 

“We have a trend where the sophistication of certain professional hackers to provide resources is allowing individuals – and not just experienced ones – to conduct DDoS attacks and other kinds of malicious activities online”, said Steven Wilson, who heads Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.  

“It’s a growing problem, and one we take very seriously. Criminals are very good at collaborating, victimising millions of users in a moment from anywhere in the world.

“We need to collaborate as good as them with our international partners to turn the table on these criminals and shut down their malicious cyberattacks.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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