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Deezer ‘glitch’ is sending marketing guff to unsubscribed users

MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE Deezer has admitted that a ‘technical glitch’ has seen marketing emails flung at users who have unsubscribed. 

The issue was first brought to light by INQ‘s own Chris Merriman, who despite having opted-out of Deezer marketing material, continues to receive unwanted-emails from the Spotify rival.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the latest unsolicited email he received was titled: ‘Mumford & Sons will always be our Guiding Light‘. Shudder.

Chris isn’t the only one being affected by the issue, which Deezer said in a Twitter DM was to blame on a “CMS problem”.

One miffed Twitter user said: “@Deezer @deezeruk  I have repeatedly asked you to not send ANY emails to me. And yet you continue to do so. I do not use your app. I do not use your services in any way. Please DELETE my account immediately, as I am unable to do so from your use-unfriendly website or app.”

Another added: “Unsubscribed from @deezeruk emails and will they stop??  Will they hell!! #pain #deezer #annoying.”

In a statement given to INQ, a Deezer spokesperson explained that the email-flinging is to blame on a “technical issue” affecting its unsubscribe option

“We appreciate that unwanted emails can be frustrating, especially if they continue despite people using the ‘unsubscribe’ option,” the spokesperson said. 

“We are currently working on a technical issue that affects a small number of users, which results in the unsubscribe option not working properly, and hope to have it resolved soon.

“In the meantime, our customer support is there to help and manually remove any user from our mailing list.”

The issue could see Deezer falling foul the EU’s recently-introduced GDPR, as the data protection regulation requires that a customer must actively confirm their consent to receive marketing emails. 

However, it’s unlikely action will be taken, as the ICO website tells pissed-off punters not to even report companies to them unless “your money is at risk.” µ

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Source : Inquirer

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