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Dell forces password reset on customers after hack attempt but took five days to do so

OH HELL, WHY DID YOU DO THAT, DELL? Is the question on our lips after the computer maker reset passwords for all acounts on, deciding to do so, some five days after it detected hackers going after customer data.

Reuters reports that Dell took a good five days to force password resets on its customers after detecting the hack attempt on 9 November.

Dell released a statement saying it detected and stopped hackers who attempted to breach its network. And while there was no evidence that the hackers got into the network, the computer maker had not ruled out the chance that some customer data may have been pilfered.

Apparently, the hackers were after customer names, email addresses and passwords, but Dell explained to Reuters that there were no regulatory or legal requirements for it to notify its customers about why they were being forced to change their passwords.

And Dell also kept tight-lipped on how many accounts may have been affected by the cyber attack.

While there might not be any regulatory onus for Dell to quickly ‘fess up to a potential cyber attack and data breach in this case, companies are under increasing amounts of scrutiny when it comes to data protection. So an earlier dose of mea culpa might be more beneficial to Dell than seeming clandestinely forcing a password reset on customers.

The attempted attack also came at a pretty bad time for Dell, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost certainly saw more people flock to its online store looking to snare a deal on top laptops such as the XPS 13.

So the hackers may have had access to an increased treasure trove of data, but it’s worth noting there’re no reports or rumours of such customer data being exploited, so it looks like Dell may have dodged a bullet. µ

Source : Inquirer

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