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Dell is reportedly working on an ARM-powered dual-screen Windows device

US LAPTOP FLOGGER Dell is reportedly working on foldable dual-screen Windows device.

According to German blog, the mystery device is being developed under the codename “Januss”.

The report claims that Januss has been in the works since last summer and is expected to run on the ARM-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and run Microsoft’s Windows OS. Other rumours suggest the device will include are USB-C, several cameras and LTE connectivity.

We don’t know if it will be a smartphone, tablet or laptop, but can’t imagine Dell would all of a sudden enter be planning to re-enter the phone market.

If the rumours are true, it sounds like the device could be one for Microsoft to keep an eye on, as the Redmond firm has been rumoured to be developing its own, very similar-sounding device for quite some time.

Microsoft’s “Andromeda” project is also said to be a foldable dual-screen device. Samsung, too, has been rumoured to be working on something similar for months.

The source of the report doesn’t cite any potential release timeframe and for all we know it might not even ever make it to market. 

Earlier last month, Dell announced its range of Precision laptops to come rocking the latest Ubuntu take on Linux and Intel’s eight-generation Coffee lake chips.

The entry-level Dell Precision 3530 workstation will ship with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and comes with Intel’s Core i5-8400H processor, though more powerful Coffee lake generation chips are available for more cash. There’s also the option to upgrade from onboard integrated graphics to a Nvidia’s Quadro P600 GPU.

Other Ubuntu-sporting laptops in Dell’s Precision range are also set to get a refresh, which should appeal to developers after a powerful platform on which to create software upon.

The Dell Precision 7530 and 7730 mobile workstations will have ‘Developer Edition’ models, with Cofee Lake chips paired with either Nvidia or AMD graphics and larger 15in and 17in displays, giving developers more screen space to ogle code and commands. µ

Source : Inquirer

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