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Dell’s refreshed XPS 15 packs the latest Intel and Nvidia silicon

The new XPS 15 won't look too dissimilar to its predecessor

The new XPS 15 won’t look too dissimilar to its predecessor

DELL IS RAMPING UP its laptop game with a refreshed XPS 15 that comes packing the latest Intel processors and Nvidia graphics hardware.

The computer maker revealed a refreshed and redesigned XPS 13 in CES 2019 back in January, but the 15in model was nowhere to be seen. Dell had clearly been waiting for Intel and Nvidia to crank out the right bits before it put the XPS 15 under the knife.

The new XPS 15 has a similar design to its predecessor, reports The Verge, but has a tweaked the display bezel, which while very slim still has enough space to pop a webcam at the top edge rather than at the bottom where it ended pup peering up the nostrils of users.

But it’s under the chassis where things get properly interesting. The XPS 15 can be specced up to the new Core i9 ninth-gen mobile processor which comes with eight cores and 16 threads, making it attractive for folks who run multi-threaded workloads.

And graphics power comes courtesy of Nvidia’s mobile take on the GeForce GTX 1650. The Turing-based GPU promises a good uptick in pixel pushing performance and should be a boon for 4K video editors, as well as folks who fancy a bit of gaming while on their lunch break.

For fans of bright displays that are awash with contrast, then the option of speccing the new XPS 15 with an OLED panel will have them come over all warm and fuzzy.

Set for a June release date, the pricing on the new XPS 15 will be in line with that of its predecessor, though expect the OLED version to come with a more premium price tag.

The XPS 15 is already one of the best laptops around, but with a screen tweak and powerful innards it’s shaping up to be more appealing than ever. That should prompt other laptop makers to really pull their fingers out and get cracking on machines that can knock the XPS 15 off its high spot. µ

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