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Dropbox limits free accounts to three devices

ONE OF the original file-sharing platforms, Dropbox has distanced itself from its history as a freemium service, with a new cap on free accounts.

The company has announced that from now on, free accounts will be limited to just three devices – if you go beyond that, you’ll need to deauthorise a different one.

Dropbox began as a free-first service, with a business model based around granting extra storage for referring friends.

But as its value has been recognised by businesses, it has moved increasingly to become a paid platform, though, as we will point out before someone from there nags us to, it has always stood by a commitment to a free, basic service.

The problem is that a three device limit in a world of tablets, phones, laptops, and a myriad of other devices is that it makes the free option far more limited than ever before.

It’s almost as if Dropbox doesn’t want their free service to be used by businesses at all. Funny that.

Plus and Professional users will continue to be able to add as many devices as they like, and if you have more than three devices connected to your free account already, these won’t be removed, but you won’t be able to add any new ones till you’re back under the limit.

These paid plans start at £7.99 a month which is enough to deter a lot of people who may choose to migrate their cloud storage to some of the many rivals that have emerged since.

Dropbox is not the first such company to pivot further toward the enterprise sector. Box dropped its consumer products altogether several years ago, allowing it to focus on developing features that were more suited to the enterprise sector.

Dropbox will doubtless want us to remind you yet again that it remains committed to its free offering. It’s just a bit more rubbish than it was yesterday. μ

Source : Inquirer

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