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Dual-SIM support and 32-person FaceTime coming in iOS 12.1

GOOD NEWS FOR iPhone users with two phone numbers and exactly 31 friends: version 12.1 of iOS will bring both dual-SIM support and a promised feature of FaceTime that nobody will actually use.

It’s not actually clear when iOS 12.1 will land, but these features will definitely be in the mix. Apple tried to keep it on the down low by putting it in the one place where nobody would think to look – the “iPhone User Guide for iOS 12.1” hidden in the Apple Books store – but the cat is now out of the bag.

Let’s start with the actually useful feature first. Dual-SIM support has always been absent from iPhones, and according to Pornhub data (not a typo), is one of the few things to have interested Android users during the September iPhone XS reveal.

In China, Hong Kong and Macau, the new iPhones have physical slots for a second nano-SIM, but in the rest of the world, it’s a virtual eSIM. The effect is the same: you have two numbers, which is handy if you have a work number and a home number, say, or if you’re a very lazy drug dealer that doesn’t believe in burner phones.

Then there’s 32-person FaceTime, which is just as mad as it sounds. FaceTime is video chat between iPhones, and it kind of makes sense for two people if you grew up watching The Jetsons. Soon Apple will be upping the hard limit of two people to a ludicrous 32, which means two Rugby Union sides could chat to each other, and still have a couple of spaces left for the referee and a touch judge.

In other words, it’s one of those features that someone, somewhere might use once and then realise it’s horribly impractical. Still, if that person is you, then that exercise in futility should be available for you to endure very soon indeed. µ

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