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DuckDuckGo wants to bring back ‘Do Not Track’ with draft duck bill

SECURE SEARCH ENGINE DuckDuckGo has drafted legislation that would see the return of the depreciated “Do Not Track” setting in internet browsers.

Do Not Track has existed for years, but it has always been up to websites whether they honour the setting which should, in theory, stop them from collecting telemetry and personal data.

DuckDuckGo boss Gabriel Weinberg has announced a campaign to revive the Do Not Track standard, but with legal repercussions for failing to comply. 

“Our recent study on the Do Not Track (DNT) browser setting indicated that about a quarter of people have turned on this setting, and most were unaware big sites do not respect it,” he quacked.

That means approximately 75 million Americans, 115 million citizens of the European Union, and many more people worldwide are, right now, broadcasting a DNT signal.”

The Do-Not-Track Act 2019 is by no means a real bill, it’s simply a drafting of what future legislation may look like.

It has two main elements – a default for websites not to allow third-parties to collect data from their pages. This is particularly relevant for advertisers which rely on such data to target ads.

The second states that there should be no first-party tracking “outside what the user expects”. In other words, under the legislation, Facebook should not be able to share data with Instagram or WhatAapp, for example. It also suggests that a weather forecast page should not be used to gather and sell location data.

Because the Do Not Track feature already exists, it would require no action and only minimal intervention from webmasters to implement.

DuckDuckGo believes that this is the best way to ‘untangle the mess’ and regain control of web browsing.

DuckDuckGo already blocks data collection wherever possible. It doesn’t collect browsing data and your locally stored data and preferences can be removed either with the browser, or with a simple button click. μ

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