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Elon Musk plans to open source Tesla’s self-driving software

ELON MUSK has announced that he is looking at open sourcing the code for his Tesla autonomous cars.

In an announcement on Twitter he said:

Musk has repeatedly expressed his concerns over the future of artificial intelligence and is part of a consortium looking to ensure it is used safely and ethically.

He is also acutely aware that the Tesla cloud has a huge potential for hacking and that open sourcing the code could make it more secure. Previously he has suggested that a significant hack could be “the end of Tesla”.

In 2016, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept hack on Tesla systems. It has since been patched.

Musk is currently taking a significant amount of flack over a recent announcement that he plans to return the company to private hands (i.e his). Some investors believe they lost money on the deal, which turned out to be mostly hot air (so far) and has filed a lawsuit. 

Grimes against humanity then. Arf. 

Musk is said to be looking to raise enough venture capital to make good on his tweet.

We’re also waiting for him to realise that he could do the same with SpaceX and create an army of homebrew spaceships which would be able to attack neighbouring star systems.

So what’s in it for Elon? His fans will tell you that it’s all altruistic, but we know there’s way too much at stake for that.

The Tesla code, once licenced to manufacturers, could turn out to be the beginning of an open standard which would drive down costs. Plus of course every firm that licenced the tech would be adding its expertise to locking it down securely, such is the beauty of the open source. μ

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