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Elon Musk reveals Tesla is developing its own custom AI chip for autonomous vehicles

AI EGOTIST Elon Musk has been banging on about AI again, of course, although this time he disclosed something new: that his electric auto firm Tesla is developing its own AI chip for its upcoming autonomous vehicles.

Unveiling the news during a Tesla event at the NIPS conference, that’s been taking place in Long Beach since Monday, Musk apparently said: “I wanted to make it clear that Tesla is serious about AI, both on the software and hardware fronts. We are developing custom AI hardware chips”.

That’s according to The Register, who was made aware of Musk’s ramblings through an attendee of the Tesla party. The source said Musk offered no other details of Tesla’s plans, but did say that “Jim is developing specialised AI hardware that we think will be the best in the world.”

And who is this “Jim” exactly, you ask? Well, Jim is Jim Keller, the renowned chip engineer who led many a silicon project over at AMD and Apple before joining Tesla back in ‘16.

Keller joined Musk on a panel at the NIPS Tesla party, discussing the future of artificial intelligence alongside Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s AI Director and Shivon Zilis, a partner and founding member at VC firm Bloomberg Beta, who chaired the panel. 

During his time on the panel, Musk apparently declared that “about half of new cars built ten years from now will be autonomous”. Well, we are shocked that Musk would make such a bold statement about AI, because this is something he never ever does. Ever. [eyeroll]

Nevertheless, Musk apparently went on to say that artificial general intelligence (AGI) will arrive in about seven or eight years, something he has previously said could contribute to robots replacing human workers.

Obviously, the panel didn’t end until Musk had yet again reminded attendees of his dedication to AI fear mongering, acknowledging how he has repeatedly “[sounded] the alarm bell again and again about the dangers of AI” but people have only ever responded with disdain, with comment such as “there he goes again” and “stop being a buzzkill”.

Why on earth would he think that? Oh, LOL. 

“But I think there are a lot of ways that AI can be useful short of being god-like,” he added, trying to end on a more positive note before attendees resorted to drowning themselves in the punch bowl. µ

Source : Inquirer

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