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Elon Musk wins $50m bet to build world’s largest battery in 100 days

TESLA FOUNDER Elon Musk recently wagered $50m that he’d be able to build the world’s biggest battery within 100 days.

It appears that the Tesla boss has won that bet, having helped officials in South Australia build a battery big enough to stop energy blackouts.

State Premier Jay Weatherill confirmed the news, saying officials are working with Musk to start testing an extremely powerful lithium-ion battery.

Weatherill confirmed that tests will begin within just a few days, which is before Musk’s 1 December deadline. He established the latter as a deadline when he confirmed the deal at the start of 2017.

At the time, the tech entrepreneur said he’d be willing to produce the battery for free if he lost the bet. He estimated it would cost around US $50m.

Australian councils will cover the bill as part of an AUD $550m state-backed plan to ensure there are sufficient energy resources in place when major blackouts take place.

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The country also plans to invest in a 250-megawatt gas-fired generator. Costing AUD $360m, officials hope to get it up and running by next summer.

South Australia has been hit with a string of catastrophic power cuts in recent times, stemming from winds caused by storm tore transmissions towers that come from underground.  

The Tesla Powerback, which runs off a wind farm owned by French renewable energy firm Neoen, can provide thousands of home with emergency power when blackouts occur.  Musk is also chairman of Solar City, a solar panel firm.

Weatherill said: “South Australia is set to have backup power in place this summer through the world’s largest lithium-ion battery, which is set to be energised for the first time in the coming days as it enters a phase of regulatory testing.” µ

Source : Inquirer

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