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EU trials AI to see if UR telling BS when travelling A-B

THE EUROPEAN UNION has revealed plans for a lie detector test between member and non-member countries, powered by artificial intelligence.

In another classic ‘Black Mirror‘ moment, three countries – Hungary, Latvia and Greece – will be spending the next six months trialling the tech known as iBorderCtrl at four different crossing points, in an experiment led by Hungarian Police.

“We’re employing existing and proven technologies—as well as novel ones—to empower border agents to increase the accuracy and efficiency of border checks,” project coordinator George Boultadakis of European Dynamics told EU press people from his Luxembourg lair.

“iBorderCtrl’s system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit.”

The virtual customs officer will ask questions of a terrifyingly psychobabblish type, such as “What’s in your suitcase” crosschecked with “If you open the suitcase and show me what is inside, will it confirm that your answers were true?”

Pass the test, and you’ll get a QR code allowing you passage. Fail and the virtual customs officer will ramp up the passive-aggression, whilst alerting a human agent to come and take over.

During the trial, the system isn’t to make any stay-or-go decisions, this is just for the benefit of seeing if the system works.

New Scientist (paywalled) reports that the AI is able to analyse so-called micro-gestures – 38 of them in total, and giving each one a score, taking into account gender, ethnicity and language.

Prelaunch experiments with an older system had a success rate of around 75 per cent, which the team behind iBorderCtrl believes is because its tests were done with volunteers who had been asked to lie.

As such, this live demo will not only test the system but provide lots of data for the system to learn from with the aim to be closer to 85 per cent by the end of the trial.

But at this stage, the results remain highly experimental, and with some experts still questioning the ability of an AI not to show bias if there’s even a flicker of bias in its human masters, we will have to wait to see if this scheme is extended.

We’d like to hope it will be, as the trial has already cost a cool $5m. μ

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