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Eurostar warns customers to change passwords after suffering data breach

RAIL OUTFIT Eurostar is advising all customers to reset their passwords after detecting an “unauthorised attempt” to hack into its systems and access their accounts. 

The firm sent an email to customers on Tuesday (below) warning that it identified an “unauthorised automated attempt to access Eurostar accounts using your email address and passwords.”

“We’ve since carried out an investigation which shows that your account was logged into between the 15 and 19 October. If you didn’t log in during this period, there’s a possibility your account was accessed by this unauthorised attempt,” the email continues. 

The firm is advising that customers reset the Eurostar password and keep an eye out for “anything unusual” on their accounts. Thankfully, however, Eurostar says that credit card and payment details haven’t been accessed, noting that “we never store such information on accounts”.

“This email was sent after we identified what we believe to be an unauthorised automated attempt to access customer accounts, so as a precaution, we asked all account holders to reset their password,” a Eurostar spokesperson said.

“We deliberately never store any payment details or bank card information, so there is no possibility of those being compromised”.

Eurostar says it’s flagged the breach to the Information Commissioner’s office, who confirmed that it’s “making enquiries.”

Eurostar joins a long line of transport companies who have been hit by data breaches in recent months. Fellow rail firm Great Western Railway announced a hacking attempt affecting around 1,000 customers earlier this year, and both British Airways and Cathay Pacific suffered major compromises in October.

British Airways admitted last week that the attack on its systems affected nearly 200,000 jetsetters in total, while the Cathay Pacific breach hit more a whopping 9.4 million customers. µ

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