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Facebook accidentally sends dev reports to software testers

FACEBOOK IS CONTINUING its year of data borkage and revelations, this time mistakenly leaking analytics reports from developers to app testers.

That’s according to an alarmed developer who tipped TechCrunch off to the leak, explaining that a weekly summary email for their Facebook app analytics was sent to a person outside their company.

Such data contains the normal analytics data of weekly average users, new users and page views, but also contains sensitive business information. As such, the data could be used by rival developers to gain an edge in the competitive app world.

Apparently, three per cent of apps using Facebook Analytics have had their weekly summary sent to app testers rather than the apps’ makers. Such testers are normally third-parties contracted by developers to carry out testing, so in theory, they could pass that data on to rival developers if they so wished or were incentivised to do so.

The testers were only allowed to see the weekly summary and couldn’t click on through to historical app analytics, which at least mean that they wouldn’t be able to get the full picture of an app’s overall performance.

Nevertheless, it appears to be yet another case of Facebook mishandling data or not having enough checks and balances in place to prevent the wrong data from leaving the confines of its company or partner firms.

“Due to an error in our email delivery system, weekly business performance summaries we send to developers about their account were also sent to a small group of those developer’s app testers,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“No personal information about people on Facebook was shared. We’re sorry for the error and have updated our system to prevent it from happening again.”

The data leak comes mere weeks after Facebook was forced to apologise for a glitch that spilt the private posts of some 14 million users to the public’s view. And that followed the messy Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal which Facebook was embroiled in.

All in all 2018, isn’t a great year for Facebook and data privacy. µ

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