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Facebook admits that using…er… Facebook is bad for your health

BRAGGING PLATFORM Facebook has rather hypocritically admitted that social media can actually be bad for your mental health.

In what could be a sign that the company is feeling the stress of critics who continue to warn about the platform’s effect on society, the firm’s director of research, David Ginsberg, and research scientist, Moira Burke, commented on the scientific research linking social media to negative impacts on well-being.

Writing in a blog post entitled Hard Questions, the researchers acknowledged studies on how spending time on Facebook “passively consuming information” can leave people “feeling worse”, but also outlined the steps Facebook is taking to solve these issues.

The researchers said Facebook has employed social psychologists, social scientists and sociologists to conjure possible solutions that don’t involve quitting the social platform altogether, but instead anounced a new tools called “Take a Break”, which allows users to control what a certain contact can see or not see.

They added that the platform’s Newsfeed has also been changed to increase “meaningful interactions,” while “fake news” and “clickbait” are being demoted.

However, they argued that part of the solution is the responsibility of the user, and that they should engage and interact more with people on the platform.

The scientists also made a note of how Facebook recently “pledged $1 million toward research to better understand the relationship between media technologies, youth development and well-being”.

In what could be a direct result of this new found conscience, Facebook also just launched a new Snooze function, which means you can temporarily unfollow your fellow social media pals if you feel there’s being a bit annoying.

By selecting the feature and ‘snoozing’ someone, you will be muting them and preventing their posts from showing up in your feed for a set amount of time – take for instance if they are away and their holiday spam is sending your jealousy levels spring out of control.

Unless you’re an eagle-eyed Facebook obsessive, you probably won’t have noticed the new feature is already live. The button is lurking in the top-right drop-down menu of every post, just give it a click and choose how long you want to snooze the irritating little bleeder for. µ

Source : Inquirer

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