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Facebook asks Brits for their dick pics to stop dick pics

FACEBOOK IS ERECTING anti-revenge porn measures in the UK which will ask people to send them naked photos of themselves, because, erm, OK.

The social network will use those pics to identify if nude images of the person in question have been posted on Facebook so it can take action to remove them.

“People who worry that someone might want to harm them by sharing an intimate image can proactively upload it so we can block anyone else from sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger,” explained Antigone Davis, global head of safety at Facebook.

Once Facebook has a person’s submitted nude photos it will have “specifically trained” members its Community Operations Safety Team review the report of revenge porn and create a unique hash for each image so that it will be able to identify any future unscrupulous uploads of nude images without needed to store the person’s photo.

“We store the hashes so any time someone tries to upload an image with the same fingerprint, we can block it from appearing on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger,” said Davis. “This is one step to help people who fear an intimate image will be shared without their consent.”

While Facebook already has a similar technique to combat incidences of revenge porn on its social network, it is using its new nudes reporting tool to be more proactive with tackling such problems, and it will work more closely with the UK Revenge Porn Helpline in Britain.

While one might applaud Facebook for taking action to fight revenge porn and work more on scrubbing out its seemingly shoddy history of poor privacy protection, users still need to part with at least one nude photo that a Facebook employee will see.

That’s a lot of trust that’ll need to be put into the employees’ hands and Facebook will have to make sure it doesn’t end up with some creepy workers copying the nude pics for their own viewing pleasure, After all, the cybersecurity world does harp on a lot about insider threats. µ

Source : Inquirer

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