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Facebook could face EU sanctions if it doesn’t tweak terms of service

FACEBOOK MAY FACE EU SANCTIONS if it doesn’t rejig its terms of service (TOS) to comply with new European consumer rights laws introduced in March, Reuters reported.

Earlier this year the EU fleshed out more laws designed to better protect consumers from data and money greedy tech firms, including offering the option to sue tech firms in Europe rather than their home nations and pull out of online purchases.

Facebook updated its own TOS policies to get more in line with the new EU laws back in February, but the changes didn’t go far enough to tow the line Brussels had extended.

The EU called Facebook out on this, but it doesn’t look like Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has done much publicly to appease the EU’s bigwigs, unlike Airbnb, which fell into line to comply with new regulations some three months after being told to.

As such, according to sources familiar with the matter, the EU is getting fed up of waiting on Facebook and is potentially chewing over imposing sanctions on the social network.

“There is only limited progress and this has been going on for too long,” the sources told Reuters.

In a statement Facebook sent to the INQUIRER, a spokesperson noted that the social network has updated its TOS further and will keep working to comply with EU laws. 

“People share their most valued moments on Facebook, and we want to make our terms clear and accessible to everyone. We updated Facebook’s Terms of Service in May and included the vast majority of changes the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network and the European Commission had proposed at that point,” the spokesperson said. 

“Our terms are now much clearer on what is and what isn’t allowed on Facebook and on the options people have. We are grateful to the CPC and the Commission for their feedback and will continue our close cooperation to understand any further concerns and make appropriate updates.”

One would think Facebook would be super quick to rework its TOS in order to be more transparent to its users, something the EU’s consumer rights folks are pretty keen on, particularly given the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

And Facebook has been appearing to try and clean up its act when it comes to being clear on how its users’ data is collected and utilised, including cracking down on third-party data use and expanding a big bounty to check for errors in apps that might abuse Facebook token access.

That being said Facebook is a platform that supports 1.5 billion people across the world and probably makes tweaking TOS a pain in the posterior to get right in one nation let alone hundreds more. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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