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Facebook hack also put users’ Tinder, Spotify, Instagram and Airbnb accounts at risk

Facebook hack also put users’ Tinder, Spotify, Instagram and Airbnb accounts at risk

IF THERE’S ONE consolation the Conservative party can take from its embarrassing security screw up, it’s that Facebook’s incredible ability to steal the limelight has come to the rescue. Late on Friday, the social network confirmed it had let 50 million users’ accounts get compromised, but that, it turns out, is just the beginning.

If any of the 50 million affected used their Facebook accounts to log into third-party sites – Spotify, Instagram, Tinder or Airbnb, to name but a few – data from those can easily have leaked too. For some, that will be far more significant as the data housed could be far more personal than that put upfront on Facebook for consumption by friends and family.

Facebook’s screw-up, in other words, may force other companies to audit their systems to see if they have also suffered a hack by proxy. Any site that lets you log in with your Facebook account could potentially be affected.

Facebook hasn’t directly revealed the details breached accounts – except to note that both CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg were amongst the number. If you were logged out of the service between the 27th and 28th September, it suggests you were impacted, as that’s when Facebook began the process of revoking tokens, though.

If this happened to you, it’s probably worth checking your Facebook account’s security page, to see if any strange logins occurred over the last few months.  

If nothing else, there’s probably a lesson here about taking the easy way out and using Facebook to log in for everything. You may not care that hackers know your date of birth or your hometown, but do you really want anyone knowing that you used Spotify to listen to C’est La Vie by B*Witched eight times in a row over the weekend? That’s kind of insight is gold dust for blackmailers. µ

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