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Facebook kills user data access for hundreds of thousands of third-party apps

FACEBOOK HAS KILLED access to user data for hundreds of thousands of third-party apps that were inactive or didn’t submit to a review following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The social network had a deadline of 1 August for app developers to submit their software for Facebook to review how they use data and if they adhere to Facebook’s latest use restrictions.

Legions of apps didn’t meet that deadline according to Ime Archibong, the excellently named vice president of product partnerships at Facebook.

“As a result, we are cutting off API access for hundreds of thousands of inactive apps that have not submitted for our app review process,” Archibong explained.

“We’d encourage apps that are still being used but have not been submitted for app review to do so now. However, to ensure all apps currently in use go through our review process, we will be proactively queueing up apps for review.

“Where we need more information, developers will have a limited amount of time to respond. If we don’t hear back within that timeframe, we will remove the app’s access to APIs that require approval.”

So some developers have a window to sort their s**t out, but it looks like a good bit of app purging has already been carried out.

The whole process stems from Facebook committing to do more to protect users’ privacy after it was revealed that political strategy firm Cambridge Analytica had got hold of a load of user data and put it to use trying to influence the US presidential election of 2016. Facebook fessed’ up saying it should have done more to prevent such illegitimate data access and use.

So now the social network is trying to present itself as more privacy-friendly, which is kinda a juxtaposition for a platform geared up for people to share stuff.

Of course, if Facebook wants to boost privacy it would do well to look more inwardly as well, given a bug in the social network saw the private posts of some 14 million users made public. µ

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