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Facebook outage was its own damned fault

The full gamut of human emotion was cycled through during the eight-hour outage

IF YOU’RE ANGRILY searching for someone to blame for the Facebook outage that left you with nowhere to post your witty observations yesterday, it turns out the answer was under your nose the whole time. No, this wasn’t hackers or a DDoS attack: it was Facebook’s own mistake.

“Yesterday, as a result of a server configuration change, many people had trouble accessing our apps and services,” Facebook Tweeted on a service that wasn’t Facebook. “We’ve now resolved the issues and our systems are recovering. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.”

It’s not clear how patient people actually were, of course. Generally the expression “thanks for your patience” is aspirational, rather than reflective. If the stock market was anything to go by then investors certainly weren’t feeling too patient, with shares dropping 1.8% during the eight-hour outage.

Yes, eight hours: it certainly wasn’t small fry. In fact, Downdetector found it the largest outage since its records began seven years ago. “By duration, this is by far the largest outage we have seen since the launch of Downdetector in 2012,” the company’s co-founder Tom Sanders told TechCrunch. “Our systems processed about 7.5 million problem reports from end users over the course of this incident. Never before have we such a large scale outage.”

Going back earlier, the last time Facebook was out for this kind of period was back in 2008, when the site had around 150 million users. That’s around 7.5% of its current user base, and dates back to two years before Instagram even existed.

But feel sorry for the real victims here: celebrities unable to post their Instagram stories. Won’t somebody please think of the celebrities who were unable to post their Instagram stories?!

Thank God everything is back to normal. µ

Source : Inquirer

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